Accomplishments during Vice President Traut’s tenure on the Board of Trustees

Brought free childcare to our low-income neighborhood campuses.
Eliminated the negative balance policy so that all children are being fed.
Recommended then approved feeding children in-need 365 days per year.
Extended hours of operation for our neighborhood resource center.

Implemented district elections and personally drew the approved map.
Tripled the size of our on-site preschool enrollment.
Ended most off-campus suspension and automatic punishment minimums.
Started free English classes for parents.

Increased importance on grant funding, which led to construction of a new central kitchen.
Accelerated timelines to build safe and educational playgrounds at all campuses.
Accelerated timelines for improving facility safety concerns for failing roofs.
Adjusted LCAP funds into a new music program available to all 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

Adjusted LCAP funds into improved parent engagement, and more physical education and in-class arts.
Adjusted LCAP funds into creating school site budgets with school site control.
Worked with the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, and La Palma to solve school crosswalk concerns.
Worked with the cities of Anaheim, Buena Park, and La Palma to open campuses for afterschool use.

Worked with the city of Anaheim to build solar shade structures and implement City of Kindness programs.
Partnered with the Anaheim Police Department to support Jr Cadets, GRIP, PACE, and admin on CAB.
Partnered with the Buena Park Police Department to participate in countless campus programs.
Partnered with the La Palma Police Department to bring the Police Interaction with Youth program.

Placed a school bond on the November 2016 ballot, which was approved by 72% of the voters.
Hired a young Latina Superintendent who was raised in our community.
Led negotiations on, and voted in favor of, a local-hire agreement for the bond.
Appointed a 19-year-old to the bond oversight committee, who was then appointed Chair by the committee

Approved a weekend campus parking partnership with a local church.
Opened district administrative cabinet meetings to teachers, principals, and classified staff.
Connected school site administration to the Beach Blvd Specific Plan.
Approved a balanced budget for every school year while serving, and for the next projected budget.

Saved each taxpayer $400 by introducing and approving a unique two-issuance bond sale plan.
Raised money for our PTA scholarship programs by auctioning private flights for elementary teachers.
Protected undocumented students by holding immigrant rights workshops and connections to legal aid.
Partnered with the Orange County Fire Authority to provide a temporary police station on a campus.

Developed a Saturday school attendance recovery program to raise attendance and district revenue.
Saved homeowners and businesses money by casting the deciding vote against developer fee increases.
Supported modern career-prep programs like Google’s “Genius Hour” and computer coding curriculum.
Started city hall updates on behalf of the Board of Trustees to city councils in our District.

Support police campus presence in programs, in part so kids can see the human side of law enforcement.
Ensured bond funds were first invested in the classrooms.
Established constant direct communication with employee union leadership.
Created funding priority for air conditioning installation and shade structure construction.